One Week!

14 September 2008

I can't believe Dash is already one week old! Although Jake & I are both exhausted from lack of sleep, we're so happy and love him so much. He sleeps really well and eats great and only cries when he has a good reason : ) He had a little jaundice his first few days home from the hospital but it's all gone now and even his little umbilical cord has fallen off. Our dog Ella is still very curious about this new little crying creature in our house, at first she wouldn't go near him but now every time she comes in the room she runs to him and sniffs him to make sure he's okay and even tries to steal a little lick on the head every now and then.

Jake's mom spent the week spoiling us and loving her first grandchild. She was wonderful to cook us meals and she cleared the Kmart clearance rack for her first and favorite grandson. She was sad to leave us on Friday but we're looking forward to spending Dash's first Christmas with her and her family this year.

Dash's Grandma Lewis and his Aunt Jennifer arrived on Thursday to take their turn getting to know him and they've been amazing! They've been cooking and cleaning and sewing every since they got here and we love having them around. Jennifer spent the whole weekend sewing me a sling for Dash and it turned out sooo cute. She had to fly home this morning so it was a short visit but we're so glad she came.

Jake heads back to work tomorrow so he's getting all the time he can with Dash. He's a great daddy, he wakes up with him at night and won't put him down during the day - I've loved having him home this week with us. Jake always tells me that Dash is smiling at him and he gets a little angry when we tell him it's just gas. Our second night home from the hospital I tried to wake Jake up to put Dash in his bassinet but he was so tired he was having a hard time understanding what I was asking him to do. He finally took him from me but he just set him on the bed and fell back asleep - I asked him again "Jake, can you please put Dash back in his bed?" to which he responded "what do you want me to do with these leftovers?" I immediately stole Dash back from him and put him in his bed just in case Jake was thinking about putting him in the fridge.


Amanda said...

I love this blog because it does help me feel like I get to be more a part of everything. So, if you are going to spend Christmas with the Reni's, are you going to spend New Years here? Are you planning on spending any time here over the Christmas season (I am currently in Las Vegas)? I hope so because I really want to see you and to meet my new nephew.
Love you.

Gioia Reni said...

i would like to see more pictures please!!