Spring Break??

24 March 2010

So... for spring break we got 8 inches of snow last night! By the afternoon it was a beautiful, warm day but holy cow we got a lot of the white stuff. Our power was off so we went out and played in it .. just wish Jake was here! I never thought I would enjoy living somewhere where it snowed so much but it warms up so fast here that I actually really enjoy it... and Dash LOVES it.

We're sad that my mom is moving back to Oregon tomorrow but we're glad we had a fun last day with her here. We're going to miss her so much!Trying to build a snowman, but it turned out pretty terrible!

I love the view from our front yard, the mountains are incredible!
Those little specks in the field behind our house are horses. I felt so bad for them out there in all that snow!

Girl's Weekend in Vail

I have the greatest girlfriends here in Colorado, they're way more adventurous and exciting than me. We took a girl's only weekend trip to Vail, CO and had an intense day of snowboarding. We stayed at the Vail Plaza because Jake and I had an used credit and the room was amazing!! The girls wanted to get to the mountain when the lifts opened and we literally did not stop boarding until the lifts closed. It was such a fun day and holy cow I'm sore. In the meantime Jake had his first daddy-dash weekend without me and they did some serious shopping.
Me and my friend Shauna, I graduated High School with her husband Doug Brown.
Emily, Megan, Shauna & Me.

Relaxing after a full day of boarding.

This is the hotel we stayed at.
Look at all those slopes! This was the view of Vail from our balcony.

And in the meantime, Jake took Dash shopping for the first time ever... and came home with the cutest shoes and hat. Dash is always wearing Jake's hat so now he has very own. Oh it's so cute on him. He wears it everywhere.

If you have toddlers - you MUST find shoes with the faux laces/velcro strip. Nike makes them & a lot of skate brands. They look like they're laced up but really they have a velcro strip you just pull up and down. Soo cute and convenient.