Dashy & Ella's first snuggle

29 September 2008

Dash is 3 weeks old now and just getting cuter every day.. here's some photos from the last week.

Just hanging out on the couch..

With his Daddy after his first day at church

Sleeping like a baby

With his mommy

He discovered his thumb! How do they just know how to do that?

A couple of days ago I was getting ready in my room and Dash was laying on my bed. I let our dog Ella come upstairs for the first time since we brought Dash home just to give her some much needed attention. Dash started getting fussy and I watched as Ella climbed gently on the bed and layed her head on his tummy until they both fell asleep. It was the cutest thing so I had to snap this photo on my cell phone.


russ katie mia & george said...

that is some serious doggy intuition! i think you just found your #1 babysitter. dash is just adorable, and you are one hot mama! i can't wait to meet the little guy in person!

jess said...

he's beautiful! congrats! i was in yachats last week visiting bob & judy line and saw your mom's house. crazy small world eh?

JOE BURNS said...

Cute kid guys way to go. Uhm... you need to make one edit to your blog though...I don't see a Burns family in the friends and family list obviously a blogspot glitch??

Anonymous said...

He must just be THE most beautiful baby in the world...the luckiest one too!!