New Years Reunion

10 January 2009

We spent the last two days of our Holiday vacation in Las Vegas. We needed to check on our house but we also wanted to introduce Dash to all his cousins and also catch up with some friends we miss so much! We didn't get too many pictures but here's a couple!

Jamie, Me & Dashy
Amy, Me & Dashy
Amanda, Katie, Amy, Julie, Me, Jamie (holding Dash), and Janie

We also got to have dinner with some of our favorite friends but we're so dumb for forgetting to take pictures!

Christmas Blessing

We flew out to California to spend the Holidays with Jake's Grandparents in Valencia. The rest of his family drove down from Utah so we could bless Dash on Christmas Eve.

4 generations of Reni boys. Jake, his Grandfather Dario, his Father Daniele, and Dash... it was really neat to have all of them participating in Dash's blessing.
Great-Grandpa (Nono) and Dash
Our lil' fam.
Jake gave Dash a beautiful blessing and Dash's Uncle Jared (in Argentina on his mission) and his Uncle Joe (in Florida) were on the phone to listen in.

Dash and his Nona (Great Grandma)
Inge, Dash's Grandma

Daniele, Dash's GrandfatherChristmas Eve Dinner..
With his Aunt Geli
Christmas Eve, ready for his first Christmas!
Christmas Day! Yes, he was a Santa Baby.
With his Aunt Gioia.

Sugar High

Jake and I spent about 4 hours making cookies today! We made them for all the people in our ward and neighborhood that have been so kind to us since we moved to Colorado.

Meeting Grandpa Lewis

My Dad and his girlfriend, Susan, came to Colorado to meet Dash. Dash felt instantly comfortable with his Grandpa and fell right asleep in his arms as soon as he picked him up.

Getting ready to go to the ward Christmas party with his Grandpa, it was a "Whoville" theme.

A Crabby Thanksgiving

09 January 2009

The three of us headed to the Oregon Coast to spend some time with my mom for Thanksgiving. We LOVE visiting her in her cute, yellow cottage on the beach. She lives just a few steps from the water, separated by the beach by beautiful, green trees. It's one of our favorite spots in the whole world... and Dash LOVES his Grandma Lewis more than just about anyone.

Just a 5 min. walk down the beach from my Mom's house.
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

I got to see one of my FAVORITE mission companions, Jessie, who recently moved to Salem, OR.
Downtown Florence, OR

My mom's neighbor and friend, Steve, offered to take us crabbing with him! So... the day after Thanksgiving we headed out to Waldport Bay for a day on the water. It was SO much fun.
Waldport Bay
Captain Steve

Other crabbers on the bay..
Yikes!! This guy was just too small... we threw back over 50 crabs!
One of the traps.
Jake pulling in a trap... not too many crabs in this one.
Making sure he's big enough to keep.
Pretending I'm on "Deadliest Catch."
Dash spent the day with Grandma and then came down to Steve's to watch us clean the crabs.This little guy took a bite out of Jake's hand......and this was Jake's revenge.
Cooking our catch.
Dinner : )

This pretty lady is my mom.
Somehow this one snuck home on the boat! Dash volunteered his stroller to help him return to sea. (We now break from our story to show this crab's journey back home.)
Hitchin' a ride..
Past my mom's cute house..
... through the woods..
Stopping along the way for a break..
Heading down the trail to the beach with mr. crab

And finally back home..

After sending the little one back home, we came back home to eat his older relatives : ) YUM.
We had the best time. Thanks Mom! We love you.