Happy Halloween!

31 October 2008

Dash's Grandpa Lewis is always sending him packages in the mail. A couple weeks ago he sent some cute Halloween outfits! Dash had a great first Halloween helping Daddy hand out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood.

Our little pumpkin.

Thanks for the cute outfit Grandpa!

Afternoon nap.

I think he was starting to get fed up with all the photos : )

My favorite! Oh he's so cute!!

FHE Pumpkins!

28 October 2008

For FHE tonight I made pumpkin cheesecake and we carved up some fancy shmancy pumpkins. We challenged everyone in our families to enter our first annual Lewis/Reni pumpkin carving contest.. here's our entries.

Jake getting gutsy with his pumpkin.

My first pumpkin cheesecake, sooooo good!

This was a hospital visit waiting to happen.

Apparently we were too boring for Dash & Ella, they both slept right thru FHE. Party poopers.

My "Jack the Pumpkin King" Pumpkin

Jake's "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" Pumpkin

Ooohhh... ahhhh.

Daddy Time

My two favorite boys.

Sweet Pea

26 October 2008

Last night was our ward trunk or treat and we brought along our little sweet pea in a pod.

Cutest Little Pumpkin

On Friday we went to the Littleton Historical Museum to pick out a pumpkin.. It's located on a 39 acre farm and it's apparently one of the top 10 historical museums in the country. Jake carried Dash around in his sling most of the time but he did come out for a minute to see the pumpkin patch.

The patch
Our friends Valerie, Desi, and Desi's mom
The cutest pumpkin in the whole patch
Daddy and Dash in the sling
Where Dash spent most of the day

Our Little Republican

Jake, Dash and I have spent the past couple weeks going door-to-door for the Colorado Republican party signing people up for mail-in ballots. Dash has been especially cooperative in the cold weather because he knows how important it is to vote! Here he is gearing up for another cold day knocking doors, what a trooper!

Natural Disaster Hits Colorado

There was some sort of natural disaster that shook our home here in Colorado today. The aftershocks were so strong we knew it must have been some sort of natural gas explosion. We did some investigating and questioned several suspects.

This one in particular seemed awfully suspicious..

But after following the undeniable odor permeating the air we were led to the source of this heinous disaster..

After one serious bath and a change of clothes we questioned the suspect but he had only one thing to say..


06 October 2008

Ella's new favorite thing is letting Dash sleep on her while Jake and I get ready. We keep a close eye on them but so far they seem to love the attention they get from each other.. we're so happy they like each other so we don't have to give one or the other away : )