Bringing Dash Home

09 September 2008

Dash and I were discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon and we finally got to bring all of his cuteness home with us. Jake and I are so in love with him! On the way home we introduced him to music, I think he really liked the Teitur we let him listen to : ) He's been nothing but perfect, he only cries when he's hungry or needs his diaper changed and he just loves to be held by anyone and everyone. After we returned home, most of Jake's family had to get on the road back to Utah - we'll sure miss them, it was wonderful having them here for the weekend. Jake's mom, Inge, is going to spend the rest of the week here and then his Grandma Lewis and Auntie Jennifer are going to come on Thursday. We're just so happy and feeling so blessed with this little baby and our supportive families. More to come soon!

wendy & jake & baby dash


The Andersons said...

OH.MY.GOSH. he is a mini jake in this picture! well done guys!!!! don't worry... i too went through 10 months of pregnancy and 20 hrs of labor and my daughter is a double of my husband.... RIP OFF! ahhahaha i'm glad though. we love her

jamie said...

you and dash look beautiful! and im so glad to see you this side of delivery! it sounds like everything went smooth and perfect...hooray! now all the worrying is gone! time for the next one...just kidding. im sure you are the perfect mother. congratulations! i love you.

Natadja Zielinski said...

What a beautifull day it is, when you bring your baby home for the first time!
He looks so cute!
We wish you al the best
Natadja (your cousin/niece? from Holland) Jakob (my husband) and Diemer (our little boy)

Kayti said...

We love you--Aaron and Kayti