Dash's first photoshoot

12 August 2009

Our friend Jessica is a fantastic photographer and she agreed to snap some photos of Dash for us while we were in Utah. We took all of them by Utah Lake.

Quickie to Utah

11 August 2009

We took a quick trip to Utah with Jake while he was there on business and got to spend some quality time with his cute sister Gioia and Jon at an outdoor play at Sundance.

I saw Lindsay Cannon Wilson and her new daughter, sooo cute!
They were moving to Qatar in a week so I'm so glad I ran into her.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

10 August 2009

We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs with my sister-in-law Krista, my niece Piper, and Krista's sisters. It's the most beautiful zoo I've ever been to, it's built on a mountain side and all the animals have these amazing natural mountain habitats. The terrain is so steep that they have gondolas to take you up to the top of the zoo.

Piper, Jake & Dash
Krista, her sister Shelly, and Shelly's cute son