Dashy's First Moments

07 September 2008


russ katie mia & george said...

ohmygoodness! i love these fresh newborn pictures. dash is just perfect and handsome and gorgeous. wendy, you are a beautiful mother! and of course, jake, you are a good lookin' daddy!

Anonymous said...

Wendy and Jake
Your baby boy is PRECIOSO..
God bles him and you both....
Wendy you do not know me .
Jake we met at Jozefs wedding in Florida.
I am INGES friend who lives un Malaga Spain.

Amanda said...

So freaking cute! I so wish I could be there to hold him to. Give him a kiss form his Auntie Manda and tell him I lovehim too! Are you coming for Christmas? I hope so. Congratulations, I love you.

David & Maggi said...

Your birth story is beautiful!!! Dash is darling. He looks like a Lewis to me! I'm excited for more pics. He is such an angel!!! What a blessing. You also look angelic! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake i´ll never forgive you if you circumsized him.

Gerrie said...

Congratulations with your newborn son.
He is beautiful.
I hope he will become as strong and handsome as his father

Uncle Dolf & Gerrie

Anonymous said...

My dear Wendy and Jacob,
Dash is 3 weeks old today...!!
Let me express my deepest and sincere gratitude to the both of you for the exemplary parents that you are!! Before Dash was born I kept wondering what this new experience would feel like...would I feel a new kind of burst of love for this new sweet baby or would I see fireworks and hear music when I would hold our first grandchild? I can tell you now that the greatest feeling, other than immense love I have felt ever since meeting Dash, is an enormous profound gratitude in the depth of my soul that this great and important child in my life would have the greatest parents who would take the best possible care of him, who would sacrifice for him beyond their own wants…his parents, who would teach him of the reality of God’s existence, His love for Dash, and the value of obedience to his Heavenly Father. I knew Dash would learn also of the importance of the atoning sacrifice of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the beauty of life to be able to get up and repent and walk straight and tall in the footsteps of Christ. These most important supports in his life would be taught to Dash by his parents never failing example, their leadership in the Gospel. I suddenly felt such a majestic feeling of the importance of what Dash would be receiving in his up-bring, the base for his whole future. How happy I am to have this knowledge and peace within me as I will see him grow up!! I applaud you both for not only preparing so well for his arrival (really, has everyone EVER seen such a greatly decorated, well furnished and stocked baby room??) but for your dedication to the earthly and spiritual well-being of this spirit who has been entrusted to you. There is no doubt in my mind but he will grow up to be a fine and wholesome young man. Jacob, as I have observed you with Dash, I can only tell you: You make me a proud mother! Wendy, you have exceeded any wish or dream I ever had for our son Jacob’s wife and mother of his children! You are a good Mama!! Here then to Wendy and Jacob my greatest compliment: “Folks, I could NOT have done it any better myself!!” (smile)
Welita Ingeborg Reni