Nonna and Nona in California

01 April 2010

We went to California last minute this past week to visit Jake's Grandparents. His Grandpa ("Nonna" in Italian) is very sick and he's very special to us so we wanted to spend some time with him. Jake's whole family on his father's side was able to come as well. Dash found his new, true BFF in his cousin Mattia who is a year older than him.
Dash with his uncle Joe. Joe is Jake's younger brother by 2 years and lives in Florida so we don't get to see him too often, but we sure love him.

Dash, Joe, Jared (Jake's youngest brother) and Gioia (Jake's youngest sister).
Jared.. just came home from his 2 year mission to Argentina 4 months ago.

My incredible father-in-law Daniele and two of his siblings - Graciela and Marco.
Daniele's youngest brother Luca and his youngest daughter Sarah - she's 4 months younger than Dash.
Dash and Jon, Jake's oldest brother. Can you believe he's still single with that smile?
Everyone came for Nonno. He's so loved!

Dash's cousins Mattia (1 1/2) and Sarah (14 months).

Nonna and Nonno.

Dash playing ball with Jake's uncle Alberto.


brandy said...

Dash is so darling! That little sweater vest is to die for :) What a little man. Your family is just so dang cute! Hope all is well.