Spring Break??

24 March 2010

So... for spring break we got 8 inches of snow last night! By the afternoon it was a beautiful, warm day but holy cow we got a lot of the white stuff. Our power was off so we went out and played in it .. just wish Jake was here! I never thought I would enjoy living somewhere where it snowed so much but it warms up so fast here that I actually really enjoy it... and Dash LOVES it.

We're sad that my mom is moving back to Oregon tomorrow but we're glad we had a fun last day with her here. We're going to miss her so much!Trying to build a snowman, but it turned out pretty terrible!

I love the view from our front yard, the mountains are incredible!
Those little specks in the field behind our house are horses. I felt so bad for them out there in all that snow!


russ katie mia & george said...

pretty house, wendy! you really do have an amazing view. i can't believe all that snow...we've already taken a dip this spring (granted the water was heated to a nice 90 degrees!). dash is sure growing up, and he is adorable!!! i hope you call me next time you're in town cuz i'd LOVE to see you!

Amanda said...

I heard on the news last night that you guys have a foot of snow, and I thought of you. We actually got snow on Saturday - the 6th time this season - so crazy. I am glad you updated your blog, it is fun to see your house and all you've been up to and watch Dash grow.

Amanda said...

Did your mom buy another house or what is she doing in Oregon? Did she go back to the same area?