Butterfly Pavillion

15 April 2010

Dash and I are without Jake for a couple of weeks so we decided to explore Denver. Today we went to the Butterfly Pavillion and it was super fun! Lots of butterflies and tarantulas. I liked the butterflies better than the tarantulas, but Dash liked the spiders. We bought a bunch of cool butterflies made from feathers and brought them home and put them all over his bedroom ceiling.. he came in his room and said .. "wowWOWwhatisTHAT!?"

We haven't painted his room yet, but at least now it has a little personality : )


Kelly said...

I LOVE Dash's room! Too cute!! The Butterfly Pavilion looks way fun! We had our last swim class today and Devin's out of town most of next week too so we need to for sure plan something for next week!

Amanda said...

You have some really great pics - so fun to see. I loved talking to you the other day - we will hve to talk again soon. Love ya.