That Boy of Mine.

08 May 2010

All about Dash. Just because he's so cute.
What he likes to say: Not too much but when he does talk, it's OMGoodness cute.
"What is that?"
"Uh Oh."
"Who is that?"
What he likes to do: Everything! But especially,
wear hats
go down slides
take baths
smell flowers
watch Kipper
his blankies (all 3 of them)
drink milk in the morning
eat watermelon, lots and lots of watermelon
jump in puddles
see animals
blow bubbles
spit like his daddy
ride piggyback down the stairs in the morning
go on airplanes
scavenge for snacks in the pantry
eat crayons
eat corndogs in the car
see his aunts, uncles and grandparents and cousins
brush his teeth with mommy's toothbrush
read books
give hugs and kisses to every little girl he sees
blow kisses
share popsicles with his daddy
cutie's ice cream (lactose free!)
kiss his glow worm
A few things he could live without:
waking up early for church
getting his hair done
too small shoes
sitting still for anything
sleeping in his crib
grocery shopping
the vaccuum
not being within 3 feet of his mommy
having to get out of the pool for safety break

My favorite things about that boy:
his big brown eyes
his first smile of the day
his sticky out ears
his mischeviousness
how he yells at us if we're arguing until we stop
how he stomps when he's happy
how he sings in church
the grumpy look
how he says "la la" for no reason at all
how he wants to try everything and anything
how he dips his food in whatever he can
how he insists on using silverware
how giganticly huge his feet are
the way he claps when he likes something
how he refuses to wear pants or cover up with a blanket
how he's so much like his daddy
how he falls on his bum just so you'll say "pooor babbby"
if you're not coming fast enough he turns around and encourages you
the way he dances
he nods instead of just saying yes
he shakes his head instead of saying no


Kelly said...

I LOVE this post! You'll look back and be so glad you wrote all those things down! So fun! He's such a cute little kid!

brandy said...

Wendy, he is such a cutie pie! Isn't this stage in life so fun? Actually, I have said that about every stage in life so far with my kids. They say and do the funniest things!

brandy said...

Let's follow each other :)

Amanda said...

By the way, I'm ready for you to blog again. I know I am behind, but I have posted much more recently than you. Share your life with me please.