Wendy Turns Old in Steamboat

15 March 2009

For my birthday, Jake's family reserved their timeshare for us at Steamboat Springs for 5 days. Steamboat is a resort town about 3.5 hours drive from where we live. We invited our friends Desi and her kids and up for a couple days and our friends Shauna & Doug and their kids for the weekend. We took turns watching kids so we could get a day of snowboard in and it was soo fun!

This is the resort, there were sooo many runs.
It's about 3.5 hours Northwest from Castle Rock to Steamboat.

Bradli, Jayden, Jake and Dash... watching cartoons

Jayden and Dash are buddies.
Barrett is 2 weeks older than Dash.
Rogan kept on eye on his little bro' and Dash.. he gave Dash a big kiss right on the forehead.
Dash's first swim lesson.


the supportive husband said...

Hey, where's the pictures of the birthday girl shredding the slopes? Glad to see you're keepin' in real!

russ katie mia & george said...

oh good heavens your little dash is cute! happy belated birthday, wendy poop!