Oh s(no)w it did not!

27 March 2009

So Jake and I are training to run the Park City Marathon on August 22. We were motivated by a book called the Non-runner's Marathon Trainer that takes you step by step from not running at all to running a Marathon in just over 5 months! We may not be sexy now but we will be by August! Anyway, it's been beautiful weather in Denver the past month or so but yesterday mother nature decided to do THIS! (I took these on my cell during my run so they're not that great, but you get the idea!)School was canceled so there were lots of kids playing in the snow.
This is the trail we run on that heads out of neighborhood and back behind our house.
Looking down from our neighborhood towards Denver.
It runs behind our house and all the way to our church and the community pool. It's awesome.


jess said...

yeah i'm glad you're posting more often now! i've moving your blog! good luck with the snow. oh no!

Aaron + Kayti said...

it was so good to finally meet you wendi and to see little dash in person. we will have to plan a visit soon to your part of town :)