Natural Disaster Hits Colorado

26 October 2008

There was some sort of natural disaster that shook our home here in Colorado today. The aftershocks were so strong we knew it must have been some sort of natural gas explosion. We did some investigating and questioned several suspects.

This one in particular seemed awfully suspicious..

But after following the undeniable odor permeating the air we were led to the source of this heinous disaster..

After one serious bath and a change of clothes we questioned the suspect but he had only one thing to say..


russ katie mia & george said...

i'm guessing this is the photo we wished we had missed! that is one serious natural disaster! once, mia pooped 3 times on russ! one of the times he was holding her legs to picture, huh??

Julie and Steve said...

We have had WAY too many natural disasters with our kids...we can totally "feel your pain"! haha
Especially with Ty's digestive issues for his first year and a half...that was LOADS (no pun intended) of fun! Love you and miss you!