FHE Pumpkins!

28 October 2008

For FHE tonight I made pumpkin cheesecake and we carved up some fancy shmancy pumpkins. We challenged everyone in our families to enter our first annual Lewis/Reni pumpkin carving contest.. here's our entries.

Jake getting gutsy with his pumpkin.

My first pumpkin cheesecake, sooooo good!

This was a hospital visit waiting to happen.

Apparently we were too boring for Dash & Ella, they both slept right thru FHE. Party poopers.

My "Jack the Pumpkin King" Pumpkin

Jake's "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" Pumpkin

Ooohhh... ahhhh.


Amanda said...

Yumm - I want some cheesecake! You too are way creative - I love your pumpkins!

Lindsay Ross said...

your pumpkins are amazing!

Julie and Steve said...

I LOVE the pumpkins and esp. the peter peter pumpkin eater~ My friend, Wendy, always so creative!!!!