Fun With Jen & Kaylee

19 February 2010

My big sister Jen and her youngest daughter Kaylee came to visit to celebrate all 3 of our February birthdays. It was sooo much fun to spend time with them and to see Dash fall in love with Kaylee. Kaylee is an archeology and dinosaur GENIUS so we spent a lot of time at museums. They're so wonderful, I wish I could see them all the time.

View from the Denver Museum of Science and Space.

On our way to find good sledding hills...
We didn't look far, the golf course behind our neighborhood was the perfect spot!


russ katie mia & george said...

how in the world are you smiling next to that freaky beast??? i am gonna have nightmares for sure! and for the record...i love your family.

Amanda said...

Look at you and your cute family - so great that they got to visit.